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Integrative Cancer Support Services

Integrative Cancer Support Services are a specialized area of medicine focused on improving the quality of life for patients and their families affected by cancer. The goal of integrative cancer support services is to reduce the physical and emotional burdens of illness through pain and symptom management, supportive counseling and the integration of complementary therapies, such as acupuncture or mind-body therapies.

Integrative Cancer Support Services are designed to:

Complement cancer treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Integrate medical supportive care, mind-body approaches as well as psychosocial support.

Accept referrals from all Adventist Health physicians and care providers, as well as outside referrals.

Provide education to patients as well as colleagues.

Collaborate with research in related fields.

For questions or further information please contact Colleen Winters, LCSW, OSW-C, at (707) 967-5791.


Bring the body back into balance. Acupuncture is proven to be a valuable treatment for a number of side effects associated with cancer treatment such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, neuropathy or pain. Available weekly on Wednesdays in the Cancer Center.

Advanced Care Planning

Advance care planning is the process of coming to understand, reflect on, discuss and plan for a time when you cannot make your own medical decisions. This plan is called an advance directive. Advanced Directive is a process of shared decision making with you, your family, and your healthcare providers to improve understanding, reflection and discussion about your future health care decisions. Make an appointment with the Clinical Navigator at the Cancer Center to begin your advance care planning process.

Art Therapy

Expressive art therapy groups are designed to allow individuals to experience thoughts, feelings and emotions through the art making process. Art therapy is offered 6 times per year as part of the on-going Cancer Support Circles.  

Bend, Stretch and Breathe

Breath work and gentle postures are introduced to improve total body conditioning; increase mobility and range of motion, improve circulatory flow and relieve muscle tension.  Please contact Colleen Winters, LCSW, OSW-C, if you are interested in the opportunity to improve overall functioning.

Circle of Support for Caregivers

Helping someone go through a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery requires understanding, encouragement, patience and energy. If you let the stress of care giving progress to burnout, it can harm one’s physical and emotional health. This group is designed to provide support, education, and resource materials to caregivers. Join this important group on the last Wednesday of the month from 3:00 -4:30pm at the Cancer Center.  

Food of Love

Food of Love is a complimentary food support program whereby nutrient dense, delicious meals are provided to Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center patients who live in Napa County. Preparation of the food involves bringing teens 13-18 years of age into the kitchen to work with a professional chef to help prepare healthy organic meals for patients with cancer. Contact the Cancer Centers Registered Dietitian at (707) 967-5721 to sign up.

The Circle of Life and Wellness

The Circle of Life and Wellness is an opportunity to explore the emotional roller coaster of experiencing a life altering medical illness. Professionally facilitated by an Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), the group focuses on emotional support along with educational presentations and discussion of wellness topics. The group meets the first Friday of every month from 10:30 to noon at the Middletown Library.

Guided Imagery

Whether you are newly diagnosed with cancer, in the midst of medical treatment, or dealing with recurrence, guided imagery helps to let go of worries and stress and lets the mind-body connection take you on a relaxing journey. Guided Imagery is offered daily by the massage therapists to patients and their family members or caregivers.

Massage Therapy

Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center offers daily therapeutic massage to patients, their family members and caregivers to relieve stress, reduce pain and anxiety and encourage overall relaxation.


Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surrounding environment without judgement.  A massage therapist will work with you on learning Mindfulness. 

Music Therapy

Music Therapy offers many different ways to identify and express thoughts and feelings, distract from pain, increase self-esteem and to enhance the healing process. Currently the Cancer Center provides a musician who plays soothing guitar music every other week.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition education is a very important aspect of cancer treatment and survivorship. Our oncology certified Dietitian will meet with you and discuss your personal nutritional needs and guide you with specific dietary recommendations. Educational classes that focus on cancer and nutrition including actual cooking demonstrations are offered regularly in the community.

Patient Counseling

The Cancer Center has a professionally trained and Oncology Board Certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker/psychotherapist that facilitates support groups and provides individualized counseling to patients and their families.

Peer Partners

The Peer Partner Program offers patients and their families an opportunity to request a Peer Partner. A Peer Partner is someone who has been through the cancer experience. These volunteers provide support and encouragement in a confidential setting to newly diagnosed individuals.

Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is offered weekly and helps to improve a patient’s social, emotional, or cognitive functioning. Pets can also be useful in helping people feel safe and loved when they have been deprived of social interaction.

Spiritual Connection

For spiritual support our Board Certified Chaplain is available on Wednesdays for an open-hearted conversation about hope, gratitude, fear, connection and meaning.

Writing for your Life

Writing for your Life is a journaling class periodically offered by an experienced Health and Wellness coach. Journaling opens the door to healing through writing by honoring creativity, imagination and intuition.

For questions or further information please contact Colleen Winters, LCSW, OSW-C, at (707) 967-5791.

Live with courage and confidence.

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The Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center values your privacy and handles your personal information with care. Your email address and information is secure, confidential and will not be sold to any third party sources.

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