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Our Philosophy and Care

We understand that a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. For us, quality cancer care is so much more than treating a disease: it is a comprehensive, whole-person approach that supports your mind, body and spirit from your first diagnostic appointment through survivor milestones.

Our support network is one of the most powerful ways to help you manage your care. We encourage you to build a network of support through family members, support groups, peer mentors and informal treatment buddies. Members of your support network who may accompany you are welcome as an important part of your team.

We also offer support groups for patients, survivors and family caregivers and a spanish-language support group for women undergoing treatment.

Our lobby is an example of how we want to make you and your guests as comfortable as possible. Please take a moment to read about the amenities available as soon as you walk in the door.

Our Lobby

We have worked extensively to create a relaxing environment for our patients as they await their appointments. Our cancer center lobby has several amenities and resources for you that are there to aid and inspire.

Cancer Center Library

All our welcome to visit our Martin O’Neil Cancer Center Patient Library. It is a comfortable place to sit down, relax and talk with Pamela, our fantastic resource librarian. Here you can obtain easy-to-understand educational materials to help you communicate with your health team and learn about all aspects of cancer care.

Pamela is also a resource to help you learn about additional resources available outside of our cancer center and will help you obtain the services you desire.

We are dedicated to helping people learn more about cancer, treatment and survivorship. By providing accurate, up-to-date health and medical information, the Library helps empower you to communicate more effectively with your healthcare providers and actively participate in the healthcare process.

Patient Resource Library

Our Resource Library is a comfortable place to sit down and relax. Our Patient Experience Coordinator is there to offer you assistance with educational and supportive materials and share available resources.

Our Library Offers:

  • A computer and printer for internet research
  • Information about wigs and scarves
  • A wide selection of books to borrow
  • Pamphlets on a variety of cancer topics

We are dedicated to helping you actively participate in your path to healing.


Our Patient Experience Coordinator is in our library and will assist you with educational and supportive materials about your diagnosis as well as information about available resources. Pamela can be reached by calling 707.967.5750.

The Hope Tree

A symbol of hope, the 13-foot-tall steel and bronze Hope Tree sculpture is central to the Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center. Adorned with delicate copper leaves, the tree features 48 symbols of hope from around the world, each which were carefully chosen by employees of St. Helena Hospital. Patients, families and their friends are encouraged to include their own person message of hope.

About the Artist

In many ways, the healing nature of the Hope Tree sculpture has brought its artist, Carol Jeonotilla, full circle. Before pursuing a career in art, she spent 17 years as a registered nurse, specializing in emergency and occupational medicine. A Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis spurred Carol to focus on large-format sculptures where her blurred vision and hand tremors hardly affected her ability to create art. Today she has an impressive portfolio of public and commercial art projects across the United States. With the creation of the Hope Tree for the Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center, she has again experienced the joy and fulfillment of helping people heal. Carol envisioned the Hope Tree to represent the ultimate ability to “bloom where you are planted.” Having learned this lesson as a nurse and a patient herself, she has sculpted a grand symbol of hope that will inspire others.

Art Book

A Healing Space

The art of the common space in the Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center is beautifully explained in our art book entitled A Healing Space. The quality of care and hope is reflected not only in the state-of-the-art facility and technology, but in the feel of the place. That feeling comes in significant ways from the Napa Valley artists who contributed their art to welcome patients, creating a feeling of quality and tranquility, “like the reassuring whisper of a friend”.

Coffee Bar

We are pleased to offer you an assortment of water, coffee, tea and hot chocolate while you wait for your appointment.

Live with courage and confidence.

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The Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center values your privacy and handles your personal information with care. Your email address and information is secure, confidential and will not be sold to any third party sources.

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To talk with someone immediately, call 707-995-8731

The Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center values your privacy and handles your personal information with care. Your email address and information is secure, confidential and will not be sold to any third party sources.

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